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Pleased to meet you!

We are three Slovenes and one Burmese-born Australian living in a most beautiful village called Studor in the magical land of Bohinj.

The village of Studor shares its name with the powerful mountain that sits right above it.

Rustic-house 13 and Studor are about 3km from Lake Bohinj. There are no street names here and the address is simply the number of the house and the name of the village. Hence Studor 13.

The original 200 year-old house at Studor 13 was renovated between 2001 and 2008. In 2015 facilities inside were further upgraded to specifically met the demands of couples or small families looking for boutique-style accommodation in a quiet surroundings.

The house is Eco friendly with solar panels, carbon natural wood heating and local timber has been used where possible.

There are only two large-sized suites in the house, so you are assured of having lots of space to move about during the day, and complete peace of mind at night.

Take in views of the Julian alps from the balcony or just watch the slow pace of village life. See the cows come home in the summer months or ski out right from the front door in the winter.

We invite you warmly to come and experience an old Slovenian-style way of life mixed with some modern and international flavors.

Andy, Tina, Apsara and Matevž