The golden hours are extra special in Bohinj. Depending of the time of year, the Cloud Train rolls in from one direction and exits through another. This can make the light seem impossibly surreal.

Whether it’s the first rays of sunlight or that afterglow after the sun sets, the challenge is always in anticipating where the light might come from.

We rise early – before 5:00am – for the sunrise session and return for morning tea. After seeing and capturing some highlights of the region, and lunch of course, we take a small rest before deciding on the best option to catch the sunset.

Workshop Notes
Since we my hike to 5000ft (1500m) it is suggested that you bring the bare essentials. For example:

• Wide angled zoom lens (16-35mm), compact tele photo lens (55-200mm), and maybe a small  fixed/prime lens (50mm f1.8)

• Tripod and head, and cable/remote release

• Circular Polarizer, ND filer (4-10 stops)

• Graduated and reverse ND filers (2-4 stops)

• Spare batteries and extra memory cards

The mornings are always cool to cold regardless of the season. We suggest you bring the following sets of clothing and personal accessories:

• Light rainproof jacket, moisture-wicking clothes, quality hiking boots

• Small umbrella (also very useful as a photographic aid)

• Water bottle (filled), sunglasses, sun protection cream

• Head lamp, some rope, pocket knife

• Hat, light warm gloves, scarf

If we hike up into the mountains you will be required to have a high level of fitness.

On demand

April, May, June, September-March

1 day workshop
€400 1-2 persons

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Workshop highlights

Depending on lighting conditions we will choose as many as possible from the following:

Lake Bohinj – East and west sides

Viewpoints – Peč, Vodnikov, Studor, Rudnica

Hayracks – Our favorites

Villages – Studor, Srednja Vas, Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz

Sunrise – To be determined on day

SunsetTo be determined on day