We try to show you the best that Bohinj has to offer but it can be that our contents are not always as well weighted as they could be.

Some people prefer the Lake whilst some prefer the mountains. There are no optimum times that we can spend in every location.

So, we let you decide what and where you would like to spend your precious time in.

Here are some suggestions:

Classic landscapes, Lake-scapes, Water over rocks, Gorges, Forests, Churches, Architecture/Villages, Mountains, Waterfalls, Boats
Geology, Trees, Flora, Fauna, Macro, Fields, Snow, Ice
Sunrise/sunset, Moonrise/Moon-set, Stars, Phases of the moon, Clouds
People, Events, Action

And since this is tailor-made for you, we would suggest that you include a good proportionate of the time in post processing. We specialize in Lightroom and Photoshop but can also provide tuition for Aperture and Capture NX.

Please, contact us and tell us your interest. We will be delighted to make a program for you from one to five days.