This is my favorite saying that daughter made up. She also made up “Rainy day, rainy day, Matevž”.

When I’m out with my camera on a sunny day, I often hear the comment “Oh, it’s good to be shooting today, isn’t it?”.

In fact, when there is too much sun I don’t actually shoot. I just go to check out compositions.

For classic landscapes what you really want is good elements in the frame and of course great light. Not just a lot of blue skies.  Checking out compositions at different times of the day gives me an idea of what I want to put in and out in the frame. In Bohinj, great light can come at anytime, even after the rain.

Being in the right place at the right time will get you a good shot (or two), but knowing where and when the right place is going to be is the “secret” of getting a lot more better photos.

Apsara also has another saying – “Snowy day, snowy day, mummy”. But that’s for another blog post.

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