Bohinj from above

Surrounded on three sides by mountains – photo Matevž Lenarčič
The Light in Bohinj (TLiB) tours are exclusively run in Bohinj, which is a region in the north west of Slovenia.

It has been well known for centuries that Bohinj holds great beauty to the eye but it is through the lens that elevates it from other regions of Slovenia.

Tours are at a pace that is in rhythm with the surroundings and we are confident that what Bohinj has to offer will meet or even exceed your expectations.

Our tours are suitable for all levels of photographers. And as there are two tour leaders for a good period of time on each tour, your personal needs will be well catered for whether you are a complete beginner or highly advanced shooter.

We mainly use and suggest DSLR cameras on our tours but you are welcomed to use compacts, mirrorless and even film cameras.

Show you the immense beauty of Bohinj through photography and interaction with nature in clear and simple ways.

Share with you our combined 20+ years of photography experience.

 Help you to create high standard images using proven techniques.

Revitalize your energy and spirit by staying in a most beautiful house by night, and enjoying the wonderful Slovenian scenery and hospitality by day.

Take out all the hassles associated with traveling so that you can enjoy your precious time. 
When God was dividing land among its people, he discovered that he had overlooked a quiet and humble group of people in the process. He took pity on them due to their patience and humility and decided to give them the most beautiful piece of land, which he otherwise reserved for himself. The place was named Bohinj, because the locals refer to the “God” as “Boh”.

There are many great places for photography around the world, of course, but we doubt that there is any better in terms of opportunity, access and challenge. Almost everywhere here is accessible by foot or a short drive, and the amount of photo opportunities is only limited to the time that you have. But what makes Bohinj such a great place for the photographer is the challenge it represents. Being at the foothills of the Julian Alps with Lake Bohinj and scores of gorges feeding water in and out of two valleys, the mystical light that appears is as elusive as it is great.

All photographers know the saying “It’s about the light”. This is exactly what makes Bohinj so special. Whether you want to shoot the “Impossibly beautiful”  Lake Bohinj, as written by Loney Planet or get the perfect Slovenian icon – The Kozolec, it is the light that will make the difference between a great photograph and just another snap shot.

Knowing when and where this light might come is what we offer.

But Bohinj is much more than a photo opportunity. It has a rich culture dating back to around 2500BC. Today, it has kept up with the rest of the world in terms of technology and life style, but the “old ways” continue to strive. Farmers cutting grass by hand or fields being plowed with horses can still be seen. It’s not that we have no other means but it is a way of life.

And you might be pleasantly surprised that when your photo tour finishes that your stay is well extended.

Whether you come by air, bus or train, we will take care of everything.

If you come by air we will pick you up from the Ljubljana airport. If you come by train, get off at the Bohinjska Bistrica station and we will take care of the rest. By Bus, your stop is the Lake Bohinj post office. We will bring you here which is only 3km from the Lake.

Of course if you want to make your own way here our meeting point is RH Studor13:

Our tours start and end at the beautiful Rustic-house 13. The house is situated in a quiet location inside the Triglav National Park.

The house has been thoughtfully designed for travelers looking for  a unique experience. It also caters well for small sized photography classes at the end of the day.

Accommodation is available on a single, twin, or shared (max 4) basis.

One day Workshop includes one night’s accommodation also at Rustic-house 13.

• Guiding and tuition

• 4 nights accommodation

• All meals

• Transfers to and from Ljubljana airport

• Insurance in case of required medical attention
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