_C003323Bohinj is blessed with an abundant  of  gorges. Some are well known but some are hidden in thick forests. Some end as a waterfall whilst others end as the source of the gorge itself.

For the photographer, gorges represent the “easiest” way of capturing high quality images as the light is more or less always constant. However, there are times when the light is more perfect than at other times. When the water levels are too high everything is submerged, and too low makes the flow of water unworkable. We have chosen the best possible times to get the best balance between the two extremes.

And there is something else. A walk in these gorges really recharges one’s “batteries”. Whether it is the energy released from the birch trees or smoothing sounds of the water, something truly wonderful happens here.

Please come and see for yourself. We assure you of their healing powers.