What to wear

When doing one’s daily Sadhana (spiritual practice) it is best to wear something simple and comfortable. For example, an organic cotton T-Shirt and loose fitting trouser also from organic cotton, linen, silk and wool.

It is also important that some respect is given to the clothes by folding them afterwards. This is not at all being fastidious or pretentious but the energy stored in one’s clothes can have an effect on one’s Sadhana.

This can actually be tested using a Rudraksha Mala. I will show you how this works as it is best seen live.

When performing asanas, however, it is suggested that only a consecrated copper ring is worn, if at all. But not the Mala as this is best worn when doing a kriya or in meditation. The Mala must not be touched by anyone else as it will add others energies to it. It should only have one source of energy. You must also never place it on the ground as it will take away the benefits of any consecration that may been performed on.

When to practice

Yoga evolved in India so perhaps practice times may differ in different parts of the word. However, in India the best times for performing yoga is either before 8:30am or after 4:00pm.

It is also recommended that you wake up at 3:40am. Perhaps a coincidence but I find that I almost always wake up around this time before getting up and starting my weekday routine at 4:00am. On weekends I like to “sleep in” till about 5:30am.

How long

For those with very little time in the mornings 15-20 minutes is really the minimum amount of time that you should allow for. It’s not that hard really. Just set the alarm to go off 20 minutes before you normally get up.

If you can get up earlier, then at least one hour is a “good start”. Fifteen minutes of Upa Yoga, 30min for asanas and 15 for a short meditation and kriya.