“A dog just knows what to eat and what not. Human beings do not know because they go by whatever information someone gives them, not by awareness of life.” – Sadhguru

The ideal yogic diet is that of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts that are considered to be positive “pranic”. Pranic meaning the vital energy for the body. Postive pranic foods add life energies to the system whilst negative pranic goods reduces the vital life energies. Neutral pranic foods do neither. They are consumed for taste and to fill the stomach.

Some examples for +, – and neutral (N) pranic foods are:

+ most green vegetables, fruits nuts and seeds, and honey

– garlic, onion, chilli, eggplant, coffee, tea, alcohol and all nervous stimulants and intoxicants

N potatoes and tomatoes

Consumption of meat is not recommended. This is because the human digestive system resembles more to herbivores rather than carnivores. This can be seen in the length of human intestines. Our intestines are quite long compared to say a dog or a lion. Carnivores have very short intestines whereas herbivores have quite long intestines. The importance of this is that when meat is consumed it takes up to 48 hours (72 hours if raw) to pass through our system. This means that for a length of time food starts to rot before finally passing through. This continual retention of rotten meat contributes to stomach ailments. In comparison to say a dog (with very short intestines) meat in their system will pass through in less than a day.

Being a strict vegetarian, however, is quite a difficult task. Sadhguru recommends the consumption of fish if one wishes to consume meat.

Sadhguru explain in more details on Pranic Foods.

Personally, I eat fish once or twice a week but very little other meat. Below are typical of my lunch (around 14:00). My daily liquid intake are hot lemon drink, bio Matcha tea and room temperature water from a copper urn (sitting for at least 10 hours).